South of the Border Brutality Comes To NYC


As UselessChrist Fest 15 approaches, anticipation for one of the most promising lineups this year in NYC quickly builds. Thanatology stands out on the bill as an exceptional act hitting the stage next weekend in Brooklyn. Hailing from Tijuana, the band makes their highly anticipated Northeast appearance at the Fest this year.

The band has been on the radar of underground grindcore enthusiasts following their excruciating display of brutality at Las Vegas Death Fest in June. Their performance was so impressive, they were asked to play an additional set.

Thanatology will exploit your iatrophobia by infusing elements of surgical and medical subject matter into their stage performance. While thematically similar to County Medical Examiners and General Surgery, Thanatology fully commits to their roles with their floor-length lab coats and completely obscured faces. It is only fitting that frontman Dr. B is a actual doctor in his life outside of Thanatology, while other members earn their living as teachers.

With notable influences of early Exhumed and Napalm Death, Thanatology would appeal to the discriminating palates of grind & gore connoisseurs. Frontman Dr. B‘s wretched shrieks of terror are layered over crushing instrumentals. Thanatology stands out with their unrelenting and powerful tracks. Their recent EP La Clinica De Lo Grotesco delivers a half-dozen tracks of violent tenacity.

Check out Thanatology if you seek a band who will undoubtedly blow your mind out of the back of your skull, and have the surgical skills to piece it back together.

 Thanatology Facebook Page

Catch them on their East Coast stretch:

Thursday, September 29th

Hartley’s in North Arlington, NJ

Friday, September 30th

Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY (UselessChrist Fest 15 – Event Page)

Sunday, October 2nd

Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY


Thanatology Facebook Page


Photo Credit BleedingGumz Photography/Facebook/Thanatology

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